cxO8y2pr_400x400Tracy Diane Miller is the founder of @aycox_fans , a Twitter group for the fans of actress and musician Nicki Aycox. I recently interviewed Tracy about @aycox_fans . Read what she had to say below :

Why did you decide to start the Twitter account, @aycox_fans ?

“One of the things that I noticed about Nicki Aycox is that she is very appreciative of her professional success and extremely grateful for her fans. Here is an actress who has spent over 20 years in the entertainment business, appeared in numerous television shows and films, yet she makes time from her busy schedule to personally interact with her fans through social media.

Last September, I interviewed Nicki for Talk Nerdy With Us. We talked about her acting and burgeoning musical career. Most fans know her from her memorable role on Supernatural as the actress who originated the role of Meg Masters…

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