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Book Review: Can’t Fight Fate by Lisa N. Edwards

We are the masters of our fate, or so it has been said. We like to believe that we are the architects of our destinies drafting the blueprint that we are poised to follow. We won’t surrender control. Our success in life, our success in love, is of our own choosing.

Or is it?

Author Lisa N. Edwards ponders questions of destiny in shaping one woman’s life in her emotionally riveting, fictional delight Can’t Fight Fate. Can’t Fight Fate introduces readers to Nikki Kirkpatrick, an accomplished Hollywood entertainment lawyer in pursuit of her green-eyed soul mate foretold by a psychic. The psychic’s prediction of Nikki’s elusive Adonis offers romantic promise for the initially skeptical attorney. The romantic fairytale is within reach. But how many frogs will the princess have to kiss before her Prince Charming comes into focus?

What I enjoy about Edwards writing style is how astute she is in realizing that Nikki’s narrative speaks to so many people. To that end, Nikki emerges as a relatable character that we root for. We want her to succeed in finding the man of her dreams because it gives us hope for our own happy ending.

Nikki isn’t a predictable protagonist. She isn’t perfect. Sure, she is highly intelligent, sensitive and loyal. But Nikki is also insecure. She makes mistakes. She finds herself in embarrassing situations. Her inner dialogue, perhaps, mirrors the inquiries we have with ourselves.

In addition, Edwards’ supporting characters are equally compelling to drive Nikki’s story as well as to make them enticing in their own right. Best friend Siobhan and CJ, a green eyed man who becomes an important person in Nikki’s life, are fully fleshed out.

The descriptive language Edwards employs is almost poetic. She permits her characters to enrich the canvas of the alluring tale she paints through her words.

Can’t Fight Fate is a memorable book that provides many twists and turns to keep readers engaged and interested from the first page to the last. If you feel sad when you reach the last page, fear not: Can’t Fight Fate is the first book in Lisa N. Edwards stunning trilogy.

You can’t fight fate so embrace your reader’s destiny by reading Edwards’ book.