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Supernatural episode The Pilot in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In 1983 in Lawrence, Kansas
A family settled for the night
The Winchesters were their name
Such a beautiful sight
John and Mary and Dean and Sam
Their love filled the room
But little did they know
Their destiny was dressed in gloom

With baby Sam in his crib
And Mary went to bed
John was watching television downstairs
Unaware of the menace ahead

Soon the lights flickered
The foreboding of evil’s call
Tragedy was imminent
Then death would soon befall

Mary went to the nursery
A shadowy figure did she find
But John was asleep downstairs
Had she lost her mind

Up the stairs she ran
The time endless it seemed
But then John awoke
To the sound of Mary’s scream

John called Mary’s name
And up the stairs he raced
But evil had descended
With yellow eyes and a lethal embrace

Sam was wide awake
The trickles of blood fell on John’s hand
John had no idea what was happening
But soon he would understand.

He gazed up at the ceiling
Mary was pinned there
Once again he called her name
But was met with an angry flame

Dean came to the nursery
A childlike innocence so meek
But the four old was determined
His father did he seek

John gave Dean his brother
A father’s protection was his knack
Then John told Dean to run outside
With Sam as fast as he could
And make sure not to look back

Dean Winchester ran with little Sammy in his arms
The beginning of the big brother
Who protected his sibling from harm.

22 years later
In Stanford
Sam Winchester was found
To live a normal life
Without his father and brother around

Sam loved Jessica
His future seemed so bright
But then Dean stole in their apartment
Like a burglar in the night

Dad is on a hunting trip was Dean’s words
The family business was what Sam heard

For you see the Winchesters are hunters
The supernatural they fight
With a Chevy Impala
Their Baby purrs as she
Cruises the back roads at night

Sam was hesitant
The family business he was gratefully free
But John was missing
And there was something Sam needed to see

John’s voice on Dean’s phone and the pieces of lore
The mystery came to light
Soon Sam and Dean were hunting
A woman in white

To Jericho the brothers went
Where their energy was spent
Constance Welch was her name
A vengeful spirit just the same

I can never go home
Was Constance’s ghostly cry
Unfaithful men
She did spy
And with her deadly touch
She sentenced them to die

The ebb and flow
Sam and Dean show
How perfectly they are in sync
Sometimes they talk at the same time
To complement how they think

After many scary moments
Sam devised a plan
I’m taking you home the younger Winchester said
Crashing the Impala through Constance’s house
Full speed ahead

You’ve come home to us mommy
The ghostly children said
Arms around the mother they still adore
Then all three spirits disappeared through the floor

Back to Palto Alto the brothers returned
Sam bid Dean adieu
A law school scholarship Sam wished to earn

We make a great team
Dean didn’t want to leave
A dynamic hunting duo
Dean did conceive

The evil was back
Death was Jessica’s fate
For fire did kill her
Sam was much too late

Devastated Sam did vow
To find what killed Jessica somehow
He may not have a clue
But they’re the Winchesters
They have work to do