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Supernatural episode The Devil in the Details in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Cage once again his prison
Trapped in the bowels of Hell
What torture does Lucifer have planned
Does Satan know him well

Sam Winchester an unsung hero
Self-sacrifice his lifelong game
Guilt woven into his DNA
The ills of the world
He feels to blame

The Darkness now released
Her evil engulf the day
Can Sam Winchester save humanity from Amara
What new sorrow will come his way

Lucifer’s intent was clear
The proposition to his captive
Sam did hear
A battle of wills
The Devil and Winchester wrestle
For Lucifer wants Sam
As his vessel

Jaw clenched
Sam’s refusal
His resolve
For Sam and Dean fight the good fight
Together they’ll work to solve

The Devil in the Details
Lucifer’s villainy poised to last
A journey to Stull’s cemetery
Satan takes Sam to see his past

A prize fight was thwarted
A swan dive in the pit
His soul aflamed in Hell
Damnation the perfect fit

Sam is perfectly willing
To watch all the people he love die
If that’s what it takes to save the world
A Winchester will bid his own life goodbye.