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Supernatural episode Shadow in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Daevas were their name
Barbaric in their kill
Bodies ripped to pieces
Death is caused at will

The windy city of Chicago
Where evil lurks at night
The daevas come as shadows
Their malice a gruesome sight

The Winchester boys came
The skilled hunters that they are
Miles clocked on the Impala
Traveling near and far

Pieces of a puzzle
A sigil never seen
To read about the daeva
To learn what it all might mean

Sitting in a bar
A girl Sam did spy
The petite blond at a table
Who surely caught his eye

Walking over towards her
He gave her a gentle touch
She turned around and smiled
Meg Masters
The girl he met along a road in Indiana
A coincidence seemed too much

Sam had his doubts
He followed her and found
Meg was summoning something
Curiosity a fertile ground

Lawrence, Kansas
Where each victim did hail
A mystery soon unravels
Will the heroic brothers prevail

Sam and Dean needed help
The elder brother made a call
To seek their wayward father
John Winchester after all

They followed Meg again
But it was all in her plan
To use the boys as bait
For John was her target you understand

Sam and Dean her captives
For John would rescue his sons Meg knew
Yet Met made a deadly calculation
And out a window
She flew

You see Sam destroyed the altar
The daevas were very mad
The object of their wrath was Meg
She lost the control over them she had

Back to their room
The brothers were met with a joyous surprise
For in their room stood John
A reunion sparked tears in their eyes

Heartfelt words exchanged
Even if apologies the situation did lack
But the family bonding was short-lived
For soon the daevas were back

Sam had a plan
His choice would save them all
To bring the daevas out of the shadows
And light them up a very smart call

The Winchester men escaped
Uncertainty lay ahead
For in an irony twist
Meg turned out not to be dead