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Supernatural episode Changing Channels in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Hunters on the move
A weird event
To the police station
Sam and Dean went

A witness story quite strange
Embarrassed a tale she sought to change
Eight foot tall and very green
The Incredible Hulk known to be mean

Full of rage
To crash through a door
Bizarre by supernatural standards
Not found in lore

Dean on the computer
Searching for clues
Sam with empty candy wrappers
A theory did brew

I think we’re dealing with The Trickster
Sam said
Dean wanted to kill The Trickster since Mystery Spot
But Sam thinks maybe not

Talk to him
Was the Sam Winchester way
For perhaps The Trickster didn’t want
The end of days

On the police scanner
Another case
To a warehouse
The boys raced

With stakes in hand
To barge through the door
Sam and Dean shocked
Now on a hospital floor

Wearing white coats
Now doctors are they
What does it mean
What can they even say

Seattle Mercy Hospital
Dean understands
He tells his baby brother
We’re trapped in tv land

Ellen Piccolo
And Johnny Drake
The Winchesters are on Dr. Sexy, MD
For Heaven’s sake

Who does Dean see
Walking down the hall
It is Dr. Sexy
After all

Star struck
Dean denies being a fan
But Dean knows Dr. Sexy wears cowboy boots not tennis shoes
As a fan would understand

You’re not Dr. Sexy
Dean slams the man against a wall
With a wicked grin
Dr. Sexy morphs into The Trickster after all

This is my sandbox
No need to ask why
So play the game
Or surely you’ll die

My wife needs that face transplant
Was a husband’s plea
Your wife doesn’t need Jack squat
Why can’t this guy see

As Sam and Dean walk away
The man shoots Dean in the back
Dean’s shocked and dazed

We need a doctor
Was Sam’s cry
But it was up to Dr. Winchester
To not let his big brother die

With a sewing kit
A pen knife
And a fifth of whiskey
Dr. Sam Winchester operated on his big brother’s back
Bravo Sam
You surely have the knack

A Japanese game show
An embarrassing commercial
Then Sam is the voice of a talking car
The Impala as Kitt
The Trickster’s game has gone too far

Play your roles
The Trickster had said
Dean starring as Michael
Sam starring as Lucifer
The apocalypse loomed ahead

With holy oil
And a circle of fire
The Winchesters did reveal
They figured out The Trickster was an angel
The secret identity he wanted to conceal

Not just any angel
But an archangel
Quite a claim to fame
The Trickster is Gabriel
Remember that name