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Supernatural episode Yellow Fever in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

To the coroner
Went Sam and Dean
Determined to find out why
Frank O’Brien a healthy man
Would have a heart attack and die

So the Winchesters demanded
An autopsy the coroner to do
More questions than answers
At least they would have a clue

Out came O’Brien’s heart
The coroner gave it to Dean
But Sam was so unlucky
Sprayed by juice from O’Brien’s spleen

Next the brothers journeyed
To the police station they came around
To talk with Al the sheriff
A friend of Frank’s from the town

Surely Al would have answers
To the questions the Winchesters seek
But Al bathed in hand sanitizer
A compulsive cleanliness freak

What followed was a trip to Mark Hutchins
A neighbor of Frank’s with reptiles as pets
Of all the places Dean visited that day
Hutchins place was the scariest yet

Dean was not happy
Of the snake roaming near
Sam Winchester’s pie eating older brother
Was giving in to his fear

Fear was the answer
A reason Frank and others died
But the Winchesters had questions
There were still so many whys

Everything was scaring Dean
And a group of teens
Uncharacteristic of a Winchester
With the horror they had seen

Of course they would ask Bobby
Their surrogate father and often host
The wise veteran hunter revealed
The malady was sickness from a ghost

Worst the clock was ticking
Sam was steadfast in his resolve
To prevent Dean from dying
This was definitely a case Sam had to solve

Dean began hallucinating
But to him the biggest surprise
Was to see his brother Sam
Sporting yellow eyes

Intense fear and the constant scratching of his arm
Then a wood chip came from Dean’s throat
To the Winchesters these were clues
Revealing answers far from remote

The original ghost who carried the sickness
Was Luther Garland who worked in the mill
Luther had a crush on Jessie O’Brien
When Jessie later disappeared
Frank thought his wife had been killed

Angry Frank confronted Luther
Frank did not understand
Sadly Frank killed Luther
Garland’s blood was on Frank’s hands

Luther infected Frank
That’s how the ghost sickness spread
Frank’s baseball team was also infected
Dying when they became afraid

Al came to Dean’s hotel
A crazed man a scary sight
Shortly after confronting Dean
The sheriff died from an overload of fright

Dean picked up a bible
Would faith help him succeed
But he saw a hallucination of Lilith
This was the last thing Dean Winchester needed

Meanwhile at the mill
Sam and Bobby devised a plan
To scare Garland’s ghost to death
A daring scheme you understand

In the end Sam and Bobby’s scheme worked
That should come as no surprise
Yet When Dean was leaning against the Impala talking to Sam
Did Dean imagine a flash of yellow to his brother’s eyes