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Supernatural episode Baby in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

This is a tale of the third Winchester
She has traveled with them very far
For the boys’ 1967 Chevy Impala
Is more than just a car

To Dean she is Baby
And he loves to have her around
Because Baby is a treasure
She has never let him down

John gave Baby to Dean
His first born Winchester son
In a way it was Baby who helped
Sam stop the Apocalypse before it had begun

Ever wonder what Baby sees
Cruising with the Winchesters along the road
If she could talk you’d be surprised
The stories told through Baby’s eyes

First there is Sam
A tortured but upstanding guy
The weight of the world on his broad shoulders
Many times he has died

An interlude with Piper
With passion he has the knack
A one night stand not Sam’s usual practice
So don’t judge but cut him some slack

Big brother Dean was proud
A wicked smile on his handsome face
Sam always a gentleman gave Piper a blanket
He’s a class act with style and grace

With Baby they’re at home
On the road driving around
And when the brothers need to sleep
In Baby they lie down

When Sam looked at the driver seat
He was astound
Hands on the steering wheel
Young John Winchester was who he found

Was it a dream or a vision
Sam could not tell
But as Young John Winchester talked
Sam listened very well

Only you and Dean can stop The Darkness
Young John Winchester said
God helps those who help themselves
Be ready for what is ahead

When Sam shares this dream or vision with Dean
His brother has his doubts
But Dean knows to defeat The Darkness
They can’t expect God to help them out

Traveling on to Oregon
The boys learn a victim was a sheriff
Drained of blood and missing a heart
The life of a hunter never boring
Putting the pieces together becomes an art

Before continuing on the hunt
Dean wants a meal
Handing his car keys over to the restaurant valet
To Dean is a very big deal

Little does Dean know
The young valet goes with Baby on a joyride
Her accomplice is a friend
From her boss her duplicity she’ll have to hide

Music blaring and tires burning
A stranger at Baby’s wheel
But when the valet returns Baby to Dean
A joyride secret is concealed

Cas is at the bunker
Pouring through the lore
Because even a recuperating angel
Is the research guy
A new job in store

The killing creature is called a whisper
Dean felt the moniker was lame
So Dean dubbed it a ghoulpire or werepire
Bravo Dean for that’s a creative name

Silver can kill the monster
How often that’s the case
So Sam and Dean continue on this hunt
Against time they’ll have to race

While Sam is with the victim’s wife
The deputy attacks Dean
So Dean chops off the deputy’s head
But to his surprise death isn’t what is seen

The decapitated head keeps talking
Inside a cooler where it rests
A hunter’s job never done
Even when he tries his best

Sadly Baby is covered in blood
From the confrontation
With the ghoulpire or werepire she had seen
Right after the car wash Sam and Dean gave her
No longer sparkling clean

But the boys have a bigger problem
Because silver wasn’t enough
How can they kill a ghoulpire or a werepire
This is going to be tough

There are some hairy moments
With Dean tied up in Baby
And Sam getting a beat down
But the trick to defeat the monster
Is a coin in Baby that Dean found

Ghoulpire or werepire defeated
The Winchesters and Baby
Who will always be more than just a car
Traveling along on destiny’s path
Continuing on The Road So Far