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Supernatural episode Into the Mystic in verse, by Tracy Diane Miller

Thirty years ago in Ireland
A horror did befall
The piercing wail of a banshee
Caused heartache after all

A sweet little baby
Because of the banshee her parents died
Her destiny now written
Later revealed why

Flash to the present time
In the bunker we see
Sam in a fitful sleep
Plagued by a guilt that refused to flee

Cursed by a punishing mind
Of his inaction of the past
When Dean was trapped in Purgatory
And he didn’t look for Dean so Sam’s guilt made to last

But hunters that they are
The Winchesters own welfare takes a backseat
For a case awaits ahead
An evil to defeat

A death in a retirement home
A victim who’s a thief disliked by most
To the cemetery to burn some bones
For the victim’s death was at the hands of a ghost

When is it that easy
For Sam and Dean
Another death at the retirement home
What does it all mean

The boys meet Mildred
Who soon becomes the key
Mildred was a witness
To the latest death you see

The theory of a vengeful spirit
Definitely was wrong
Pieces of a puzzle
Unravels a mystery before too long

From a distance a deaf maid
Reads the Winchesters’ lips
And from the words she does glean
She sees a threat from Sam and Dean

After some hairy moments
When a knife at his throat Sam earns
The maid is not a maid
Her name is Eileen we soon learn

You see Eileen was that baby in the crib
When the banshee’s piercing voice
Robbed her of her hearing
And killed her parents by choice

Trained by a hunter
Revenge against the banshee Eileen sought
Thoughts of a normal life
Eileen constantly fought

So much like Sam
Eileen and Sam clearly could be friends
Another secret revealed Eileen’s father was a Man of Letters
And Eileen is a legacy in the end

Mildred is wise
She gives Dean life advice
But sassy Mildred flirts with the elder Winchester
Not once but at least twice

Meanwhile in other events
Lucifer is wearing Castiel’s skin
A Trojan horse in the Men of Letters bunker
Learning the Winchesters’ secrets
Will the devil win

The banshee soon appears
And Dean is caught its deadly spell
But Mildred and Eileen save the boys
These strong and courageous ladies
Valuable assets to the Winchesters we can surely tell