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Supernatural episode Bloody Mary in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Toledo
One night
Girls play a game
That sadly summons fright

To the bathroom mirror Lily went
On the deadly dare
To say Bloody Mary three times
As her friends did scare

But it was Mr. Shoemaker
Whose eyes exploded in blood
Dead on the bathroom floor
So much blood quite a flood

Meanwhile Sam still has nightmares
Thoughts of Jessica overwhelm his mind
Exhaustion plagues his body
As guilt is an unwelcome find

But a Winchester’s work is never done
So off to Ohio the boys go
To piece together clues
For the deaths by the supernatural they wanted to know

The boys meet the Shoemaker girls
And later Charlie who is Donna’s friend
But then Jill becomes a victim
Will the terror ever end

The boys discover who Bloody Mary is
And that her mirror holds the key
Sam offers himself as bait
When later his own image talking in the mirror he did see

You did it you killed Jessica
Sam’s mirrored image said
As blood poured from Sam’s eyes
Would guilt drive a Winchester dead

After some hairy moments
Dean held a mirror to Bloody Mary’s face
Her reflection not a friend
A Winchester idea worked as Bloody Mary found her end