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Supernatural episode Asylum in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Roosevelt Asylum
Clothed in mystery
Burdened by
A tragic history

Cries of madness
Locked away
Forgotten souls
Perished one day

Dr. Ellicott was he a fiend
His patients
His guinea pigs
Experiments so mean

Searching for John
Who should Sam call next
When out of the blue
Dean receives her father’s text

To Roosevelt Asylum
John sends his sons on a job
To this den of madness
Where all hope was robbed

Meanwhile Kat and Gavin
At the asylum an adventure awaits
Why did Gavin choose this place
For a date

The Winchesters and Kat and Gavin
Trapped in the asylum and the doors are locked
The ghosts of the patients
Give the biggest shock

Room 137
Holds the key
What do the Winchesters
Need to see

Dean’s voice on Sam’s phone
The younger Winchester takes a call
But it was a trick
After all

The ghost of Dr. Ellicott unleashed Sam’s anger
Sam shoots Dean with a gun
Full of rock salt
Hurting Dean not really Sam’s fault

Dean burns Dr. Ellicott’s bones
Ellicott’s ghost finds his end
Can Sam and Dean’s relationship
Be something they can mend