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Supernatural episode Bugs in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Oasis Plains
A construction crew
A slew of dream houses
That grew

A strange sound
The crew member Dustin found
An army of beatles

Sadly for Dustin
His fate revealed
A meal for bugs
His end was sealed

Larry Pike developed
Oasis Plains
His relationship with son Matt
Was severely strained

The Winchesters learn
The land is cursed
No way this curse can be reversed

A swarm of insects
A scary sight
Trapping the Winchesters and the Pikes
In the dead of night

In the attic
The group hide
But the insects prevail
Making a hole they eat inside

But thankfully at dawn
The curse does end
The hunters saved
Along with their new friends

Back in the Impala
She’s more than a car
Sam and Dean travel
On the road so far