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Supernatural episode Home in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Lawrence, Kansas
Jenny and her children get a new start
Bittersweet memories of her husband
Who lives in her heart

Old pictures in the house Jenny finds
John, Mary, Dean and Little Sammy
Memories of a long ago happy family
Left behind

Meanwhile visions of tragedy
Circle Sam’s brain
Will Jenny and her family die
Will heartache repeat a mournful refrain

To their old house
The Winchesters go
To prevent a tragedy
Before sorrow will grow

The boys meet Jenny
As they investigate the case
Against the clock
With determination they race

With the help of Missouri Moseley
John Winchester’s psychic friend
To defeat a poltergeist
To bring its end

The ghost of Mary Winchester
She saves her son
Destroying herself along with the poltergeist
A mother’s love has won

Sam and Dean continue to work other cases
To piece together all supernatural clues
A hunter’s job never-ending
There’s always work to do