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Supernatural episode Hookman in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

On Nine Mile Road late one night
Lori caught a ghastly sight
Her date suspended upside down
His body dripping blood on the ground

The Winchesters on the case
To search the lore
Skilled hunters
We all adore

Jacob Karns the legend said
Was the Hookman the brothers read
A trail of murders on the books
Crimes committed with his hook

Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light
Bloody words carved on the wall
A connection to Lori was found
After all

Her date her roommate and her father
The victims of the Hookman
Who fed on Lori’s repressed emotions
You understand

To destroy the Hookman
Is to destroy his silver hook
But where to find it
The Winchesters must look

All silver in the church and house
Must burn
But the silver cross around Lori’s neck
Is the key The Winchesters learn

The silver cross burned
The Hookman engulfed in flames
Lori is saved
All the same

Back on the road
More supernatural evil to find
Will Sam and Dean ever have
Peace of mind