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Supernatural episode Nightmare in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sam Winchester
Asleep in his bed
While his rest is plagued by horror
Of visions in his head

A garage in the suburbs
A man in a car
The fumes overtake him
A menace from afar

Off to Saginaw, Michigan
The Impala wheels roar through the night
But the Winchesters arrive too late
Jim Miller death is the painful sight

Wife Alice is distraught
Son Max is there too
The boys need to learn what evil caused the death
By piecing together all the clues

Wearing fake collars
As priests at the Millers’ door
Sam and Dean need information
That’s what a false identity is for

Later Sam has another vision
About Roger’s death this time
But the Winchesters are too late
Many apartment fire escape stairs for them to climb

Turns out a vengeful spirit
Is not what is to blame
The killer is a son
Max Miller is his name

You see Max wants revenge
For a painful history of abuse
But killing his father and uncle
Is still not an excuse

After talking to Max
An alarming connection Sam found
Max’s mother also died in his nursery when he was a baby
The demon was always around

In the end
The pain for Max was great
A self-inflicted gunshot wound
Sadly Sam’s compassion for Max’s plight too late