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Supernatural episode Route 666 in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

On a lonely road
In the dead of night
Was a menacing black truck
A powerful behemoth of fright

With its wheels of vengeance
Bowing to evil’s will
Fed by the ugliness of hatred
On a relentless mission to kill

Meanwhile in another town
Dean gets a call
From his former love Cassie
A surprise plea after all

Cassie told Dean
The black truck was in wait
A horror on the road
Where black men met a deadly fate

A spark of longing
Perhaps a twinge of regret
Did Cassie still love Dean
A Winchester you can’t forget

The black truck of death
A vengeful spirit attached to haunt
The body count was raised
A helpless town it taunts

Cyrus Dorian
A cruel reputation in life he earned
To defeat a vengeful spirit
A corpse to salt and burn

But that was not enough
The black truck didn’t go away
How to conquer this evil
How will the Winchesters save the day

Sam had an idea
Inspired he found
To end the black truck once and for all
It needs to cross holy ground

Cyrus had murdered four little girls
Inside a church that is holy ground
The black truck crossed the sacred land
Finally the truck destroyed as a solution was found