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Supernatural episode Scarecrow in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Burkitsville, Indiana one year ago
Newlyweds Vince and Holly’s car breaks down
In an orchard where they walk
A creepy looking scarecrow is what they found

Eerie sounds the couple hears
As they hurry their pace
A menace
Soon gives chase

As Holly and Vince begin to run
Ominous sounds and footsteps they hear
Soon Holly frantically calls for Vince
Who is no longer near

Holly trips
She screams at what she found
For it is Vince’s corpse
On the ground

In the present day
Sam answers a call
For he is shocked
It’s John Winchester on the phone after all

John is not hurt
He said
But warns Sam
Of the danger ahead

It’s a demon that killed Mary and Jessica
John revealed
But when Sam asks for his father’s whereabouts
This information John does conceal

Take down these names
John commands
Sending his boys on a hunt
You understand

What’s he’s saying
Dean asks
The dutiful son
Dean is ready for the hunting task

To Indiana
Is where Dean plans to go
But Sam is adamant
So he says no

We’re going to California
John’s call Sam did trace
To find their father
Sam will chase

The brothers argue
They disagree
Dean wants to follow John’s orders
You see

Sam refuses the order
On this night
Telling Dean to leave him behind
So Dean drives out of sight

To Indiana
Is where Dean goes
To ask about the missing newlyweds
Others claim not to know

Dean meets Harley who says about the couple
He has no clue
But Harley’s niece Emily remembers
Vince’s tattoo

To the orchard
Dean does go
Later seeing Vince’s tattoo
On a creepy scarcecrow

Meanwhile on a lonely road
As Sam walks near
He meets a girl
Listening to music in her ear

When Sam asks the pretty petite blond
Her destination he seeks
The girl says no way I’m telling you
You could be some kind of freak

A van drives up
An arrival so great
Shady van guy takes the girl in his car
But Sam Winchester is left to wait

The townspeople distrust Dean
The Winchester’s questions the sheriff aborts
Before forcing Dean to leave town
By police escort

Sam is in the bus station
No buses to California until tomorrow he’s told
Sam Winchester is surprised to see
The girl from the road

She cut shady van guy loose
He was all hands the girl said
She’s going to California
For what lies ahead

I’m Meg
The girl tells her name
I’m Sam
The younger Winchester says just the same

Meg tells Sam her life story
And he tells her about Dean
The beginning of a friendship
It remains to be seen

Back in Indiana
Dean learns about the Vanir
A Norse God a professor said
But Dean is unaware of the danger ahead

Soon Dean is kidnapped and so is Emily
By her aunt and uncle not very nice
Dean and Emily are to become
The scarecrow’s sacrifice

Later tied to a tree
Dean and Emily face a deadly fate
As Dean tries to break free
Maybe the scarecrow will be late

They hear walking
The rustle of leaves
It is Sam who stole a car
Dean’s brother the thief

Sam has arrived
To save the day
But that won’t happen
If the townsfolk have their way

In a twist of fate
The scarecrow kills Harley and takes Harley’s wife away
The Winchesters survive
To live another day

The next day
To the orchard the Winchesters and Emily return
With gasoline and a flame
The sacred tree they will burn

Later that night
Meg gets another ride
Her deadly intentions
She does not hide

Slicing the victim’s throat his blood in a bowl
For communication Meg’s choice
To plot against the Winchesters
An evil scheme in her voice