Gratitude, a poem for Arlene Allen by Tracy Diane Miller

To say thank you
Should not be tough
Yet these two words
Seem never enough

For it was you
Who wanted the world to see
The poet
That I always wished to be

To unveil myself
My answers to last
To look beyond
A troubled past

A journey through
My childhood years
When writing poetry
Quieted my fears

The ghosts of poets past
Their verse
Rhythmic beauty
Made to last

William Shakespeare
Robert Frost
Their poems in my mind
Never lost

A Poet Laureate
I wanted to be
Where my poems born
For a world to see

Decades moved
Time feeds regret
My love my poetry
I never forget

If my writing poetry
My endless desire
Can find a way
To so inspire

Then that little girl
Caught in a chaotic world
That she fought
Savoring the lessons her mother taught

This is my story
If you wanted to know me
I am the poet
That I long desired to be