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Supernatural episode Girls, Girls, Girls in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean plans to have fun
On an online date
But the demons are up to no good
Evil never waits

Meanwhile Rowena
Begins her witch’s plan
She wants to recruit students
A new coven you understand

Crowley is unhappy
He wants no part of the sex trade
Demon deals are his cup of tea
The King of Hell makes the grade

Cole is still after Dean
Torturing a demon for intel
Revenge is his life’s blood
This will not turn out well

Rowena and her girls in a fine restaurant
Eating a good meal with no intent to pay
The witch uses a spell on a waiter
Then just walks away

Rowena and Dean
Cole and Dean
An alley tells no tales
But of course the Winchesters win
Goodness does prevail