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Supernatural episode Hibbing 911 in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

On a police retreat
Jody Mills reluctantly did go
Where she met Donna
A sheriff who the Winchesters also know

Sheriff Donna is bubbly
But hidden behind her smile
Is a lack of confidence
Divorced from Doug awhile

But on the retreat
Dead bodies soon appear
A supernatural evil
Hovering all so near

Jody calls the Winchesters
In the bunker is where they are
To tell them about the case
Even though they are very far

Jody can handle the case
The boys know so well
But it never hurts to have
Extra eyes and more intel

Donna is feeling down
Watching her ex-husband flirt
His advances to women Doug won’t hide
When Donna leaves for air
She sees a horror right outside

Sheriff Cuse over a body
Fangs come out from his face
Cuse runs away
No one does give chase

Jody and Donna are a team
To Cuse’s room they go
When the Winchesters soon appear
Donna gets the talk about vampires more than she ever wished to know

Sam and Dean and Jody and Donna
Go hunting for the vampire nest
Soon the group is captured
The monsters do their best

In the end it is Donna
Who uses her new found skill
To cut the head of a vampire
To succeed at her first supernatural kill