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Supernatural episode Reichenbach in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean’s demon adventure
Continues without remorse
While Cole beats Sam
Saving a brother not Dean’s choice

A window of opportunity
For Sam to escape this day
But it was all Cole’s plan
To allow Sam to get away

Dean out of control
Crowley’s words Dean will not heed
Dean will do whatever Dean wants
His own desires is what he needs

Crowley has a job for Dean
To kill the client Lester’s wife for Lester’s soul
But Dean will do what Dean wants
Crowley’s voice a broken record growing old

So Dean kills Lester
Not happy Lester called him a punk and freak
Sorry Crowley no Lester’s soul for you
Even though it was what you seek

Castiel speaks to Metatron
Locked in Heaven’s jail
For Castiel seeks the scribe of God’s help
If the angels will prevail

Eventually Sam finds Dean
But Cole does as well
A fight ensues
Dean the victor you can tell

Yet Sam is resourceful
For Demon Dean he has had enough
Sam succeeds in subduing his brother
With devil’s trap carved handcuffs

Back to the Men of Letters bunker
Where Sam seeks a cure
Trading Demon Dean for the brother he once had
The Winchester love endures