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Supernatural episode About a Boy in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the Men of Letters bunker
Dean is searching for a way to remove the Mark of Cain
Sam has found a case
A new hunt the Winchesters gain

In a bar Dean meets Tina
And the two of them talk
When a shady guy follows Tina
Dean also takes a walk

Soon there is flash of light
Dean looks at his own strange hand
Now in the body of his fourteen old self
Is something Dean needs to understand

Tina is also a teen
To help Dean find a way out
Tina distracts her captives
With her loud shouts

Dean goes to the motel
Where Sam is in for a surprise
To see his brother as a teen
Right before his eyes

The Mark of Cain is gone
Disappeared from Dean’s arm
The upside of now being a teen
No longer murderous urges to cause others harm

Sam and teen Dean go to rescue Tina
Where they confront a strange man
Who turns out to be the fairytale Hansel
From the Grimm brothers you understand

The witch eats people
For her the Winchesters are meat
After some hairy moments
The witch the brothers do defeat

Dean is no longer a teen
The Mark of Cain returns
Yet adult Dean realizes
A Taylor Swift song a Winchester yearns