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Supernatural episode Book of the Damned in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

On a dark night
A hooded figure we see
The person in the hood
Is Charlie Bradbury

In hot pursuit
Are men on her trail
Charlie must be cunning
If she is to prevail

Charlie does escape
She goes to a phone booth where the Winchesters she calls
Charlie found the Book of the Damned
Could it help remove the Mark of Cain after all

The Winchesters are off to one of the hunter cabins
To keep Charlie safe from the men
And perhaps to crack the Book of the Damned’s code
With help from their friend

Meanwhile Castiel is with Metatron on the road
Clues Castiel will chase
In a desperate search
To find his angel grace

Charlie’s pursuers
The evil House of Styne
Go to the hunter cabin
Where the Winchesters and Charlie they find

It seems the Book of the Damned
Is the book that Sam has burned
But never underestimate a Winchester
Is what we all have learned

In a big surprise
An unholy alliance Sam does make
Deciding to work with Rowena
To save Dean is a risk Sam will take