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Supernatural episode Hell House in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Richardson, Texas a group of teens
With too much time on their hands it seems
Looking for a way to scare
Send a friend to an old farmhouse cellar on a dare

Mordechai Murdoch so the legend said
Was a farmer in the 1930s
He hung his daughters from the rafters
Young girls dead

Meanwhile Dean so bored driving in the car
Across the miles so far
His brother Sam will not thank
As the victim of Dean’s pranks

Hell House Lair was the site
Full of stories catering to fright
Countless web surfers to adore
The musings of Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore

For the Winchesters who piece together the clues
The Hell House legend is fake
The Mordechai story an embellishment
From a literary writer who did make

Working the case
The brothers have time to take
A slew of pranks
Against each other they make

The Winchesters search the lore
A tulpa is the supernatural threat
That the lore did say
Feeding on thoughts the web posters convey

You can’t kill an idea
So this tulpa
The Winchesters do meet
Not so easy to defeat

In the end
The Winchesters learn
A simple solution is best
The old farmhouse they burn