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Supernatural episode There’s no place like home in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Once upon a time Charlie Bradbury
Went on a quest
To the land of Oz
Determined to do her best

Sadly her group was losing
To win the war Charlie made a deal
She split into Dark Charlie
A victory did reveal

But Dark Charlie goes to Kansas
Her heart so very cold
To avenge the deaths of her parents
A case of revenge her mission told

A trail of bodies left behind
Sam and Dean follow clues
To unite Dark Charlie with Good Charlie
To recover the friend they knew

If Dark Charlie is hurt
It will take awhile for Good Charlie to heal
So the boys must be careful
As all Dark Charlie’s pain Good Charlie will feel

Good Charlie and Sam search the Men of Letters archive
And learn Clive Dylan had Oz’s key
They locate old Clive who tells them
His dark self they must see

For Dark Clive is the Wizard
Dark Cive comes through a mirror
From Oz with the key
Later Dark Charlie’s essence goes into Good Charlie
Her goodness is preserved for all to see