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Living a writer’s dream, a poem for Megan Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

Once upon a time
In Texas a little girl fell in love with books
In awe
By the delightful characters that she saw

Her mother was a teacher
A desire for learning that was fed
To savor all the stories
With visions of Dr. Seuss swirling in her head

A lifelong talent for drawing
An imagination to admire
In her heart a writer’s dream
Was what her soul desired

As an adult
This creative child became an architect
Designing buildings so very tall
But her dream to become a writer
She didn’t surrender after all

Megan had the courage
To leave architecture behind
Reaching deep inside herself
For a story to write
A gem for all to find

Living a writer’s dream
Megan Padalecki fulfilled her quest
To write and illustrate
The tale of Big Mo
To give this world her best