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Supernatural episode Dead Man’s Blood in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Daniel Elkins a hunter by trade
Killed by vampires
His home
They made

Sam and Dean read about Elkins death
In the news
Off to his home
To search for clues

A gun missing from a case
Salt by the door
Mysterious scratches
On the floor

To the post office
Sam and Dean go
To open a post office box
For clues to know

Sam and Dean look
Inside the post office box
A letter is what the brothers had
Addressed to their dad

Back in the Impala
The boys are surprised
When John Winchester appears
Before their eyes

John tells his sons he wants to see Elkins letter
He had it all the time John read
A Colt revolver
The Winchester patriarch said

Elkins hunts vampires
To his sons John tells
A vampire hunter
Is what Elkins did well

John tells his sons about the Colt
They must search for the gun
The Winchester bonding
Has just begun

John and Sam
Their relationship strained
Dean caught in the middle
Of this family refrain

To the vampires lair
The Winchesters go
To retrieve the Colt
And rescue the hostages you know

But now the vampires
Have the Winchesters’ scent
To a funeral home to get Dead Man’s Blood
Is where Dean went

Dead Man’s Blood is a poison to vampires
John captures Kate
The vampire leader Luther’s girl
Events intensity in a whirl

John knocked out
Sam is caught
The vampires are fearless
But as John may have taught

The element of surprise
Helps a hunter’s quest
John kills Luther with the Colt
His aim is the best

In the end the Winchesters realize
What perhaps they always knew
They’re stronger together
When there’s supernatural work to do