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Supernatural episode Salvation in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In a church is where Meg went
Slitting his throat killing Pastor Jim
Her demonic intent set
Clearly not a whim

In Salvation, Iowa
John, Sam and Dean
Searching for omens
Signs the demon will be seen

To the hospitals
John told
The Winchesters must find
Babies who will turn six months old

Sam has a vision he soon learns
Of baby Rosie in her crib
While her mother Monica is on the ceiling
Where she burns

Sam’s deadly visions
The Winchesters won’t make it so
John berates Dean
Why didn’t you call me
This is something I should know

Shortly Meg calls
The Winchesters learn
She didn’t die after all
From her Chicago window fall

Meg wants the Colt
She tells John why
Surrender the gun
Or your friends will die

Meg kills Caleb her deadly test
Bring the Colt and come alone
Meg warns John
If you know what’s best

John sends Dean to an antique store
To get a fake gun
This deadly war
Has just begun

John to see Meg
While Sam and Dean
The Yellow-eyed demon they wait
Trying to prevent a deadly fate

When John sees Meg and the gun he gives
The real Colt it is not
Meg knows it’s a fake
When she doesn’t die after she’s shot

Later the demon in the nursery
Sam sees the yellow eyes
Sam fires the Colt
But the demon disappears
To Sam’s surprise

In the end Meg calls
You boys made a mistake
Meg implies the Winchesters won’t win
Then tells Sam and Dean
They’ll never see their father again