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Vik Rubenfeld is a genius at teaching writers the art of suspense by Tracy Diane Miller

Long before actor Kyle Chandler scored a touchdown in his Emmy Award winning role as Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights, the critically acclaimed story of the Dillon Panthers, he received tomorrow’s newspaper today from an orange tabby cat and raced across Chicago saving lives as Gary Hobson in Early Edition. Fans of the show applauded Gary Hobson. The former stockbroker turned bar owner was an underappreciated, unsung hero who often saved others while placing himself in jeopardy.

Early Edition was full of emotion and heart pounding suspense that kept viewers riveted.

Vik Rubenfeld knows about creating suspense for viewers and readers. As one of the creators of Early Edition, Rubenfeld introduced a legion of grateful fans to a memorable hero. Our hearts might have hurt when Gary faced danger, but we were always kept on the edge of our seats. That’s the beauty of suspense: it travels on its own terms and “hooks” us. We submit to the exhilarating ride. We accept the unspoken invitation because the writer’s suspenseful yarn is delightfully intoxicating.

Rubenfeld made the transition from television writer to fiction author look effortless with his wonderful book, Conquest. Conquest tells the emotion journey of musician Reid Taylor and his band members as they navigate the failures and successes of rock and roll stardom. The strength of this book is in its ability to construct an intriguing narrative for its characters and effectively hook readers with suspense.

Vik Rubenfeld is a genius at teaching writers the art of suspense. His website vikrubenfeld.com provides a plethora of invaluable tips for writers about how to use foreshadowing as a suspense tool. Further, Rubenfeld, appropriately dubbed the “suspense guru”, offers a marvelous webinar that novice and seasoned writers may use as a “bible” to plot the suspense in their own work. For instance, for the writer who might wonder how to effectively balance foreshadowing, yet still maintain that surprise story ending, Rubenfeld gives helpful advice.