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Supernatural episode Everybody Loves A Clown in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Medford, Wisconsin
A carnival and its glorious sounds
Where children become mesmerized
By the sight of a clown

But this clown isn’t friendly
Laughter not its skill
This clown is evil
Killing the parents at will

Sam and Dean Winchester
Their father they do mourn
But Sam wrestles with his guilt
Paralyzing emotions that leave him torn

A week spent with Bobby
Dean repairs the car
Sam wants revenge on the demon
Whose evil has gone too far

A message on one of John’s phones
A woman named Ellen wants to give a hand
The Winchesters search for Ellen
Who may be useful you understand

At Harvelle’s Road house
A gun pointed at Dean’s back
Then a punch delivered to his face
Ellen’s daughter Jo has quite the knack

Ash is in the Road house
A guy who isn’t meek
A genius with computers
For answers on the demon that the Winchesters seek

A short time later the Winchesters and Harvelles become friends
Sam learns from Ellen
There’s a case involving killer clowns
The supernatural for the boys to end

Sam is scared of clowns
A fear from his childhood past
But Ellen’s best guess is the creature is a Rakshasa
Evil build to last

Rakshasa is a Hindu creature
Humans are their meat
The Winchesters hands are full
This Rakshasa they must defeat

The Winchesters work at the carnival
Incognito to piece together clues on the go
In the end the blind man is the Rakshasa
Something the boys wouldn’t know

A fun house is a nightmare
Twists and turns that can haunt
Decorated with alot of mirrors
The Rakshasa’s laugh can taunt

After some hairy moments
Stabbing the Rakshasa with brass does kill
The boys once again save the day
Using their hunters skill