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Supernatural episode Bloodlust in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the woods a girl
Consumed by fear
From the threat so near
She is so afraid
Alas she loses her head

The Impala
Sparkling clean
As wheels burn the road
The Winchesters on the case
A decapitation as the news has told

Soon the brothers go to the morgue
White coats the boys wear
To open a container to see the decapitated head
In their minds a theory soundly rang
When they see the mouth has fangs

Are in town
This much the Winchesters knew
As they go to a bar
In search of more clues

The bartender gives them answers
A place in which to start
Once they leave the bar
Sam and Dean meet Gordon Walker
A vampire hunter at heart

Later Dean kills a vampire
A power saw chops off its head
Dean Winchester is fearless
Confronting vampires
Not afraid

Dean confides in Gordon
John Winchester’s death is hard to take
But Dean won’t let on to Sam
How he feels
Dean’s emotions he will fake

Meanwhile back at the motel
Sam is later attacked
He fights and does his best
But Sam is soon captured
And taken to the vampire nest

My name’s Lenore a lady vampire says
She tells Sam
That humans her nest won’t eat
These vampires do survive
On the cattle blood that they eat

Gordon is on a mission
Revenge serves him best
He is off
To Lenore’s nest
Murder fuels his quest

Gordon captures Lenore
Dead Man’s Blood to her arm
When the Winchesters arrive
They try to stop
Gordon from doing even more harm

Gordon knew the truth
These vampires followed peace
Such was their will
But Gordon didn’t care
All vampires he wanted to kill

In the end Dean and Gordon fight
While Sam makes sure Lenore
And her nest can get away
The Winchesters are always heroes
Ready to save the day