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Supernatural episode Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Angela Mason
Is a college student on heartbreak’s road
Her cheating boyfriend Matt
Broke her heart As tragedy soon unfold

Speeding down the road
Angela’s actions are quite rash
Sadly she lost her life
In a fatal car crash

The Winchesters are in a cemetery
Dean finds a weird surprise
For there’s something strange
With the flowers before his eyes

Maybe unholy ground
That’s what Dean said
But Sam is not convinced
He knows what’s in his brother’s head

This is about dad
Was Sam’s educated theory
But Dean sees the supernatural
The elder Winchester will make a query

Off to see Angela’s father
The grieving man teaches a college course
Ancient symbols are sprinkled in the book
Symbols give a clue when the Winchesters take a look

Going to the cemetery to unearth Angela’s grave
Her coffin is empty
Zombie Angela killed Matt for revenge
Because zombies won’t behave

Neil is Dr. Mason’s teaching assistant
Necromancy should be a forbidden art
But Neil is clearly not thinking
Turning Angela into a zombie because he loves her with all his heart

Sam has a plan
He found in the lore
Nailing a zombie in their grave beds
Is what Angela has in store

The Winchesters are the cemetery
Sam becomes the bait
The scheme works like clockwork
Because zombies will not wait

Angela is in her grave bed
A sad tale for a girl who finds eternal rest
Once again the Winchesters
Prove why they are hunting’s best