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Supernatural episode Simon Said in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

An elderly gentleman
In a gun store is where he walks
The store clerk he seems to know
The men begin to talk

A hunting rifle is what the man wants
A doctor he turns out to be
The clerk shows the doctor the rifle
An impressive rifle it is to see

The rifle can hunt turkey
The bird unable to retreat
The force of the rifle’s fire
Leaves little turkey meat

The doctor loads the rifle
Ammunition overflows you might say
When the clerk says to the doctor you can’t load on the grounds
The doctor replies Dennis everything will be okay

Then the doctor raised the rifle
Dennis he shoots anyway
But this is Sam Winchester’s vision
Assaulting his mind this day

The Winchesters are on the case
So many clues out there to find
Yet Sam remains worried
Could he be losing his mind

The brothers go to a diner
Estate lawyers they pretend to be
All in effort to talk to a guy
Whose name is Andy

Andy Gallagher has the power
To control others minds
What an invaluable asset
If you want to leave your debts behind

An attractive woman
A cup of coffee too
To control others minds
You can get them to do whatever you want them to do

Sam gets another vision
A woman lights herself up with gasoline and a match
Is Andy the culprit
Is this an evil plan he has hatched

When the Winchesters investigate
The proof clears Andy’s name
And in a shocking twist
Andy has a twin named Anson
Who plays a deadly mind control game

Anson is a jealous
Of everyone who gets in his way
He killed his birth mother and the doctor who delivered he and Andy
Anson reveals the Yellow-Eyed man came to him in a dream
And he’s on the team to win

The Winchesters are in danger
Anson’s boss will bend to his will
But it’s Andy who saves the day
His evil twin he kills