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Supernatural episode Crossroad Blues in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A legend goes
That blues man Robert Johnson
Sold his soul
At the crossroads

The Winchesters on the case
A vicious black dog to chase
But from the lore they found
The supernatural was in fact a hellhound

People selling their souls
For all kinds of glory
Yet a flight into damnation
Becomes their story

Dr. Sylvia Perlman
Became Chief of Staff at 32
10 years later
Her ticket to Hell has now become due

To Lloyd’s Bar
To a crossroads the Winchesters go
Finding clues to help them
You know

Evan Hudson
Made a deal
To save his wife
Evan has sacrificed his life

While Sam is with Evan
In a circle of salt
Dean summons a crossroads demon to save Evan
Despite feeling the deal was Evan’s fault

A crossroads demon
Initially denies Dean’s plea
Yet to save Evan
And from a devil’s trap the demon will go free

The crossroads demon says
She can bring John Winchester back from his torture in Hell
But is she lying how can Dean tell

In the end
Evan is saved
Dean refused a chance to save his father from Hell
What he craved