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Supernatural episode Hunted in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Scott Carey in a psychiatrist office
Tormented by his dreams
And from Carey’s own admission
By strange powers he has it seems

A Yellow-Eyed man appeared before him
And then there’s the neighbor’s cat
Who Scott electrocuted with a touch
A incredible power was that

Scott leaves the doctor’s office
A mystery man he sees
The man kills Scott Carey with a knife
Killing Scott before he can flee

Meanwhile Sam is angry
John’s secret that Dean has revealed
How could his brother keep this secret
How could John’s request Dean conceal

Later at the motel
Sam decided to leave
To search for other psychic children
To discover the plan the Yellow-Eyed demon did conceive

Arriving at the Road house
Ash’s help Sam does insist
A nationwide search for other psychic children
The clues that might have been missed

Sam Winchester
Max Miller
Andy Gallagher
Even Anson Weems
But there’s another psychic child
Scott Carey
Recently killed so it seems

Back at the motel
A surprise for Sam was meant to be
A woman named Ava Wilson
With visions of Sam’s death she did see

Dean is looking for Sam
Ellen makes a call
Sam was at the Road house
Ellen tells Dean after all

Ava works with Sam
A visit to Scott’s doctor is where they go
While Ava distracts the doctor pretending to be a patient
Sam steals Scott’s psychiatric file you know

Dean locates Sam
Seeing his brother at the motel with a girl
The elder Winchester is proud
But then a shot shatters the motel glass
So very loud

Now onto the roof
Gordon Walker is who Dean finds
You do that to my brother I’ll kill says Dean
Has Gordon lost his mind

Gordon punches Dean
A Winchester tied to a chair
When Sam calls
Dean tries to warn Sam of the danger there

Gordon wants to kill Sam
A mission meant to be
Sam Winchester is a monster
An evil is all Gordon sees

Sam goes to rescue Dean
Death not his fate this night
Gordon rigged the place with explosives
But Sam survives to fight

Later the Winchesters get the upper hand
Sam makes an anonymous police call
The police find Gordon’s arsenal of weapons
The vampire hunter is arrested after all

Sam calls Ava
But she fails to answer his ring
The Winchesters go to Peoria
A horror fate does bring

For in Ava’s place
Her fiance blood covered is dead in their bed
Ava missing and sulfur left behind
The demon took Ava is what the clues said