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Supernatural episode Nightshifter in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Winchesters are on a supernatural job
As law enforcement officials
Questioning why a jewelry store and a bank
Were robbed

Off to see a bank security guard
Ronald Resnick was his name
Ronald has a theory
He shares with the Winchesters all the same

On a surveillance video
Footage of Ronald’s friend Juan
Is he a robber a question not to avoid
It is not Juan is what Ronald says
But a mandroid

Not a camera flare
Underground is where a mandroid dwells
The mandroid is like a big Juan doll
But there’s a difference Ronald can tell

Sam dismisses Ronald’s theory
To protect him from the supernatural case
For the danger is a shapeshifter
This creature the Winchesters in St. Louis
Once did chase

Now at a Milwaukee bank
As security experts Sam and Dean pretend
Find the shapeshifter and kill with silver
And then the case can come to an end

But Ronald hinders the plan
Coming to the bank with an assault rifle in hand
His effort to capture the “mandroid”
Is crazy you understand

The shapeshifter was the branch manager
The Winchesters failure to capture is Ronald’s fault
Ronald locks Sam and the other bank employees
In the bank’s vault

Dean goes with Ronald
Is this a case that hunters can win
But the shapeshifter is a clever creature
Who once again shed its skin

A game of cat and mouse
Shedding its skin keeps the shapeshifter one step ahead
But now the SWAT team is involved
Sadly Ronald is shot dead

Agent Victor Hendrickson
For weeks Hendrickson has been on Sam and Dean’s trail
Will the boys get out of this jam
Or will the FBI prevail

Dean fights the shapeshifter
The SWAT team now in the bank
But the brothers are able to make an escape
Because of Sam’s ingenuity Dean can thank

The Winchesters left the bank
Disguised as the SWAT team members
A bold escapade
Bravo to our heroic renegade.