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Supernatural episode Playthings in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

At the Pierpont Inn
A Connecticut abode
A mover makes a call
Removing packed boxes
For the inn is closing after all

Two girls watching on the stairs
Sad that they will go
But there’s a secret about one of the girls
A mother doesn’t know

A beautiful doll house
A replica of the inn
A little girl’s plaything
A heart can surely win

Then a mother’s scream
Little Tyler checks it out
A tragic fall down the stairs
Where a mover is dead
His head is twisted about

Meanwhile the Winchesters search for clues
For where the missing Ava might be
But a hunter’s job is never done
There’s always supernatural evil that you can see

Ellen tells the brothers of a job
At an east coast inn
Despite concerns for Ava
The Winchesters won’t allow the supernatural to win

Arriving at the Pierpont Inn
Sam sees a symbol on an urn
Hoodoo is the theory
What more could a Winchester learn

Later inside innkeeper Susan Thompson’s room
The brothers see antique dolls lining the walls
And learn about Grandma Rose
What mystery surrounds the attic dwelling grandmother after all

Following another death
A drunken Sam won’t behave
The youngest Winchester racked by guilt
For the people he can’t save

Kill me if I become evil
Teary eyed Sam begs Dean
A brave leap
Dean is between a rock and a hard place
A promise he doesn’t want to keep

Later the Winchesters learn
In the inn
Is where Rose’s sister Margaret died
Now a vengeful spirit
Margaret’s wrath she will not hide

Margaret kills everyone involved in the sale of the hotel
Her spirit can’t leave
She tries to drown Tyler
Evil she conceived

In the end
Rose sacrifices her life for Tyler
Willing to follow her ghostly sister’s refrain
The spirits of Margaret and Rose
Together is how they choose to remain