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Why read Big Mo, a poem for Megan Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller

Why read Big Mo you might say
For Megan Padalecki
Has beautifully illustrated and written
A book with an important message to convey

This Earth
In its natural splendor
A breathtaking marvel
Our hearts surrender

But how does Megan
Tell this tale
We need to deny gluttony
So conservation will prevail

Readers will fall in love
With Big Mo
A pet iguana
We will come to know

As Big Mo’s insatiable appetite
Becomes too much
A meal he finds
In everything he will touch

Now too big to fit his home
Hunger makes Big Mo roam
Big Mo is not a monster
Something to fear
He just sees food in all that is near

Why read Big Mo
We must conserve resources
The message is clear
To destroy the precious Earth
We all must fear