Listen to the child who had a song in her heart, a poem for Nicki Aycox by Tracy Diane Miller

A film and musical for stage
But when I think of the name
A state my mind does engage

For from proud Oklahoma
A lovely child was born
Later a talented actress
So many characters her skill adorn

But did anyone listen to the child
Who had a song in her heart
We waited many years
To enjoy her musical art

Have you allowed your heart
To find the music that Nicki Aycox writes
Her songs I continue to cherish
And through them My Muse enjoys poetic delight

Red Velvet Room and Johnny
Just to name a few
These songs pay homage to nostalgia
A reminder of the memories we knew

But who could forget My Secret
I marvel over Charcoal Rain
Because Nicki Aycox is a treasure
Her musical talent the world has gained