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Nicki Aycox inspires others to pursue their dreams by Tracy Diane Miller

Nicki Aycox is an inspiration.

The entertainment industry is full of stories of celebrities seduced into the limelight and known as much for their bad behavior as well as their talents. Arguably, these individuals seem as though they willingly squander the opportunities of fame, worshipping at an altar of decadence.

Nicki Aycox is different. Here is a performer who has been in the entertainment industry for twenty years. She is a proven talent with an impressive list of television and film credits under her belt. She exudes glamour, yet her acting strength lies in her ability to hone in on the emotional complexities of a character.

I first became a fan of Nicki when she appeared on the original The X Files. When Nicki originated the character of Meg Masters on Supernatural, viewers were always fortunate to experience her stellar acting in a very challenging role.

Last year, I made the leap to social media by joining Twitter. Admittedly, I was hesitant about it. I was aware that there could be a seedy underbelly where nastiness reigned supreme. But I also knew that there could be a community of users who gravitated towards the positive. The latter group were the ones I sought.

I discovered that Nicki Aycox was on Twitter. Subsequently, I wrote her a short Twitter poem around the time of her birthday. I was thrilled and pleasantly surprised when she replied back to my post telling me that she liked the poem.

That’s the kind of person Nicki Aycox is. She is encouraging and inspiring to her fans. She acknowledges and is appreciative of our support. But she also takes the time to inspire others in the pursuit of their dreams.

Last year, Nicki introduced the world to her musical talent with the release of her EP, Red Velvet Room. Red Velvet Room is a magnificent debut effort, the perfect mixture of eclectic sounds seasoned with worldly music flavors. Each track is a masterpiece on its own and will speak and emotionally connect with the listener.

Getting to know Nicki Aycox, a musician, is a blessing for fans. We are able to see how courageous it was for Nicki to transition into a musical artist. Clearly, she faced challenges in realizing her dream. But she pushed through. Such fortitude inspires others to take the seed of a dream and work hard to cultivate it.