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Supernatural episode Born Under A Bad Sign in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean Winchester is frantic
His brother he seeks
For Sam has been missing
For about a week

While on the phone
Taking Ellen’s call
He hears from Sam
After all

To Twin Lakes
Is where Dean drives
Grateful to know
His little brother is alive

At a motel
Richie Sambora is Sam’s fake name
A mystery to unravel
Truth needed just the same

Dean wants to know
Where Sam has been for the last week
I don’t remember Sam says
Clues the Winchesters will have to seek

The Winchesters find in a locked storage container
A pack of cigarettes
A bloody knife and a stolen car
What can it all mean
Why did Sam go so far

First to a gas station
Then driving down Interstate 71
The brothers adventure
Has only just begun

Turn right off a road
Sam finally said
It seems familiar
What’s up ahead

A house
With security cameras around
Inside the Winchesters discover a hidden spot
Where weapons are found

I think I killed a hunter
Is Sam’s desperate cry
But questions remain
As to why

Sam on a videotape
A fight with the hunter ensues
Then Sam slits the man’s throat
A death to pursue

Dean destroys the evidence
Justice won’t prevail
A man who is dead
Unable to tell the tale

Back at the motel
Dean thinks a shapeshifter is to blame
But Sam thinks he’s evil
A murderer all the same

Sam wants Dean to kill him
According to John’s plan
A brother’s promise was made
Dean needs to understand

Dean won’t shoot Sam
There’s nothing left to say
So Sam knocks Dean out with the gun
Then goes far away

In Duluth, Minnesota
Is where Sam goes
To a bar he comes
Who works there but Jo

Sam is not himself
He knocks Jo out cold and ties her up
His cruelty haunts
My daddy shot your daddy in the head
His sing song voice taunts

Dean bursts through the door
Finding Sam in his desperate chase
He won’t shoot his brother
Instead throwing holy water in Sam’s face

Sam is possessed
A demon inside
So much evil
Unable to hide

A game of deadly cat and mouse
On the dock
Can Dean save his brother
A race against the clock

The demon inside Sam
Refuses to behave
Shooting the elder Winchester
Sending Dean to a watery grave

But Dean doesn’t die
He is found by Jo
Where is demonic possessed Sam
Next to go

South Dakota is the next stop
On the demon’s tour
With intent to kill Bobby
Demonic Sam knocks on the veteran hunter’s door

But Bobby is clever
Without a doubt
Giving Demonic Sam a beer laced with holy water
Before knocking him out

Demonic Sam is tied to a chair
An exorcism is a choice so bold
Latin is the key
To untie the demon’s hold

Dean and Bobby are shocked
When the exorcism seems to fail
Why is the demon still in control
Where good should have prevailed

A tattoo on Sam’s arm
Is a lock to see
What can the hunters do
To set the youngest Winchester free

The room is in turmoil
A demonic wrath
Demonic Sam is still fixated on
A murderous path

Demonic Sam taunts Dean
With Sam’s fists Dean Winchester the demon does beat
Dean learns what demon is inside his brother
Howdy for Meg is who menacingly greets

Just when it looks
As if death Dean will earn
Bobby Singer saves the day
He’s resourceful we learn

A flame is applied
To the lock on Sam’s arm
The black smoke flees
Meg can do no more harm