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Supernatural episode Roadkill in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

On their anniversary
Molly and David in their car
Driving along a deserted highway
Appear to be lost so far

Molly wished they had directions
Then maybe they wouldn’t be lost
But David is a distraction
Wanting to kiss her at any cost

Out of nowhere
A man on the road they see
Soon the couple crash
Their car hits a tree

When Molly awakes from the accident
David she can’t find
What happened to her husband
Has Molly lost her mind

Molly finds an old cabin
Inside of it the man from the road
But his guts are pouring from his chest
A gruesome sight to behold

Molly runs down the highway
Frantically yelling for help
Uncertain you can tell
She flags down a car
It’s the Impala on the road as well

Sam and Dean help Molly
The Winchesters are on the case
They need to burn vengeful spirit Greeley’s bones
Against the clock
The hunters race

Some ghosts only see what they want to see
This is a prevailing theme
But the truth about Molly
Is not at all what it seems

Greeley’s wife killed herself
Long ago after her husband died
The cabin reeked of sorrow
Heartache filled the sky

There were some harrowing moments
But eventually Greeley’s remains Sam does burn
David is alive
And Molly is actually a spirit
We later learn