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Supernatural episode Tall Tales in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Outside of Crawford Hall on a cold night
Returning to his office
An ethics and morality professor
Saw a surprising sight

A scantily clad woman
A student she claimed to be
She flashed him a smile
She said she had been waiting for him to see

Back in the professor’s office
She complimented his book jacket picture and gave him a kiss
But then her face decomposed before his eyes
Something was clearly amiss

The professor was startled
What was happening he couldn’t tell
Overcome by shock
Soon out of a window the professor fell

Meanwhile in their motel room
The Winchesters are working the case
Not sure of what they’re hunting
Fighting the supernatural is always a challenge they face

The tension between the brothers
Is thick in the air
Dean is trying to annoy Sam
Because clearly Sam’s big brother doesn’t care

The Winchesters call in Bobby
A reputation as a skilled hunter he has earned
For Sam and Dean know
Great intel from Bobby that can learn

The boys give Bobby a rundown
Of the peculiarities of the case
But Bobby is skeptical
For shortly an alien isn’t what the Winchesters must chase

A frat boy had told his story
He was abducted by an alien was his claim
Prodded and probed
Then forced to dance with the extraterrestrial without a name

Later a research scientist
Reached down a sewer grate
A gold watch is the prize
But an alligator in a sewer
Is an unexpected surprise

Sam and Dean argue
Sam’s computer is missing
The Impala’s tires are destroyed too
When Dean finds Sam’s money at the scene
The money is Dean’s clue

Bobby is frustrated
The Winchesters are idgits in Bobby’s book
If the brothers would spot arguing
There are clues to take a look

You’ve got a Trickster on your hands
A mischievous demi-god
Manufacturing illusions from thin air
The Winchesters put two and two together
The janitor is the Trickster who was there

After some hairy moments
Dean stabbed the Trickster with the stake
And the Trickster dies
But right after the hunters flee the scene
The Trickster is alive before our eyes