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Supernatural episode Folsom Prison Blues in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

At Green River Detention Center
Late one night
Randall a prisoner is reading
By a faint light

Lights out
A guard commands
But Randall hears a strange sound
Why won’t anyone understand

A guard goes to investigate
His fate he met
A ghost in the prison
Death is what the guard and prisoners get

Sam and Dean in a museum
Ready to steal
Caught by the police
A plan they reveal

An old marine buddy of John Winchester
Deacon is his name
A warden at Green River Detention Center
Wants to stop the killings in the prison all the same

Now the Winchesters are in Green River Detention Center as inmates
The ghost of a serial killer prisoner
The brothers hunt
No time to wait

An unexpected wrinkle the Winchesters face
When FBI Agent Hendrickson finds them at Green River Detention Center
Since Milwaukee
The Winchesters he has chased

The prison environment
For Sam is no fun
But Dean seems to adapt
Card games he’s won

Prisoners Lucas and Tiny
Dean does fight
But Moody isn’t the ghost
The ghost is Nurse Glockner
Who appears at night

Glockner kills Lucas
And Tiny as well
Glockner is buried at Green River cemetery
Mara Daniels the Winchesters’ lawyer does tell

Deacon is the prison official
Who help Sam and Dean flee
Racing to Green River cemetery
Glockner’s remains to burn you see

Hendrickson and a slew of law enforcement
Are on the Winchesters’ trail
But Mara gave them the name of the wrong cemetery
So Sam and Dean prevail