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Supernatural episode Heart in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Madison is in a bar with her friends
Enjoying a girls’ night out
When she’s startled to see
Her stalker ex boyfriend Kurt
Menacingly hovering about

Walking in the parking lot towards her car
Caution governs her steps
Even though
She’s doesn’t have to go too far

The next day at her company
At the water cooler filling up her coffee pot
Madison walks into her boss Nate’s office
In shock she sees his blood covered body
A mystery is what we’ve got

At the coroner’s office
Sam learns the Nate’s heart was missing
And he received a nasty bite
A werewolf is the hunter’s theory
That’s the supernatural that stalks a full moon night

Off to see Madison
The Winchesters take on a law enforcement guise
Madison tells them about Kurt
The suspect ex boyfriend not a surprise

Is Kurt the werewolf
This is the question the brothers ask
Pieces of a puzzle
The boys are up to the task

While Sam is guarding Madison
Dean has Kurt in his sight
Will the werewolf attack
At Hunter’s Point tonight

Later outside Kurt’s apartment
Dean hears a loud sound
Gun drawn and bursting into the apartment
Dean is shocked when Madison
Is the werewolf he found

With his silver knife
A cut Dean gives to Madison’s arm
She pushes him and flees out the window
Will she do even more harm

Back in Madison’s apartment
Sam finds her still in bed
Until he sees the cut on her arm
Sam was doubtful that Madison was the werewolf
As Dean had said

Sam ties Madison to a chair
But the young woman he can’t kill
Later he learns Madison was mugged
The attacker turned her into a werewolf
Against her will

Sam tells Dean
They have to find a cure
If they can locate the werewolf who sired Madison
A future as a monster or certain death
Madison won’t have to endure

In a twist of fate
Dean discovers that Madison’s sire was Glenn
Madison’s next door neighbor
And also a very caring friend

All hold out hope
That Madison will not turn
But fate has the last laugh
When will the Winchesters learn

Sam and Madison share a passionate night
Two bodies locked in need
Sadly the next morning Madison turns into a werewolf
A cure that didn’t succeed

Sam’s eyes stained with tears
Shooting the supernatural is a hunter’s art
Sam finally killed Madison
Most likely with a silver bullet through her heart