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Supernatural episode What Is and What Should Never Be in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Driving the Impala at night
Dean gets a call from Sam
His little brother frantic
By a police car outside the motel
Clearly within sight

Being fugitives
Really is no fun
Especially having to hunt the supernatural
While still on the run

Fortunately the police car
Doesn’t stay
A brief stop near the motel
Then on its way

Sam fills Dean in on the lore
They’re hunting a djinn
Unlike I Dream of Jeannie’s
Barbara Eden
This genie is no win

To an abandoned building
An alone Dean does go
Not a smart move
As a hunter should know

A short time later
The djinn attacks Dean
With a deadly touch
Dean Winchester awakes to a strange new life
He’s confused very much

A beautiful woman named Carmen
Plus both Mary and Jessica are still alive
For in this reality
There was no Yellow-Eyed demon
So Mary and Jessica have thrived

Sadly one thing in Dean’s new world
Is not a good change
His relationship with Sam
Is clearly estranged

Everywhere Dean goes
The same girl appears
To silently haunt a Winchester
A mystery why she’s near

Further in this new reality
Everyone the Winchesters have saved as hunters
Now have died
Dean must decide whether to set things right
No time to ask why

A silver knife dipped in lamb’s blood
To hunt the djinn
What should never be
Was this life really a win

Dean realizes he’s trapped in a dream state
He’ll eventually die in this deep sleep
A hunter’s ultimate sacrifice
Innocent lives to keep

Dean stabs himself
The dream state he’s out
In time to rescue Sam
When the djinn comes about

Is it a hollow victory
To solve the djinn mystery
A happy life gone
A return to the Winchesters actual history