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Supernatural episode Bad Day at Black Rock by Tracy Diane Miller

Kubrick is a hunter who visits Gordon Walker in jail
Gordon tells Kubrick
That Sam Winchester was responsible for opening the Devil’s Gate
Sam Winchester isn’t human Gordon said
And must be killed before it’s too late

Meanwhile in the Impala
The Winchesters continue to fight
Dean argues that Sam shouldn’t trust Ruby
Her evil is in sight

The brothers are interrupted
By a call on John Winchester’s cell
It seems as though their father’s storage unit
In upstate New York was burglarized the caller tells

Sam and Dean go to the storage unit
To investigate the crime
The boys see Sam’s old soccer trophy and Dean’s homemade sawed off gun
Objects from a bygone time

They also find curse boxes
With one missing is what they see
The Winchesters left to wonder
Where the missing curse box could be

Meanwhile two thieves named Wayne and Grossman
The curse box they did take
Hired to steal this treasure
Big money they want to make

Wayne was shot in the arm
A storage unit trap
The thieves to open the curse box
A secret to unwrap

Wayne and Grossman are shocked
And a bit dismayed
For all the effort they made
To only score a rabbit’s foot this day

But the thing about the rabbit’s foot
Is that it’s a very big deal
It gives good fortune to those who touch it
Luck it brings so real

Alas when you lose it
Luck changes from good to bad
Wayne dies
And now Sam has the rabbit’s foot
A horrible day the younger Winchester has had

Poor Sam falls
A bad scrap on his knee
And Sam lost his shoe
A tough day it turns out to be

The Winchesters need to retrieve the rabbit’s foot
A woman pretending to be a waitress stole it from the boys all the same
For she is a great thief
Bela Talbot is her name

In the end
Dean is a clever one
His ingenuity you should admire
The rabbit’s foot is destroyed
Burned in an open fire