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Supernatural episode Sin City in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Elizabethville, Ohio
A sleepy Midwestern town
There are some demonic omens
And strange deaths the Winchesters found

The brothers talk to a priest
And meet a female bartender named Casey too
A happy go lucky hunter named Richie
Who doesn’t have a clue

Local businessman Trotter
Who isn’t a demon as Sam had found
But just a shady guy
With illegal schemes all around

Meanwhile Bobby is very busy
Working to get the Colt back in top shape
When who should appear but Ruby
Yet when Bobby shoots her
She doesn’t try to escape

Dean flirts with Casey
Later back to her place the two go
But Casey is a demon
And the Yellow-Eyed Demon name is Azazel
If you wanted to know

Sam was to lead a demon army
But he hasn’t stepped up to the plate
Dean is trapped with Casey
A rescue will have to wait

The priest is actually a demon
To spare the meatsuits
Sam will not
Going against that gentle nature
Both the priest and Casey by Sam are shot