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Supernatural episode A Very Christmas Supernatural in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A grandfather spending time
With his grandson
The Christmas season
Has begun

The little boy looks with delight
Because he spies
Santa Claus in his house
This night

Santa Claus is actually the child’s grandfather
Disguised to please
But a pleasant memory
Doesn’t go off with ease

For a strange sound
By the grandfather is heard you know
Soon up the chimney
That man does go

Christmas becomes dangerous
Who knew
All that is left of the grandfather
Is a bloody shoe

The Winchesters are on the case
Christmas abductions to see
What kind of supernatural threat
Could this be

To a Christmas village
To piece together clues
Dean wants to celebrate Christmas
A sentimental thought who knew

No thanks to having a Christmas
Is what Sam said
Then memories of Christmases past
Occupy his head

Young Sam and Dean in a motel
Sam is wrapping John’s gift
Seeing their father on the holiday
Is a much-needed lift

When is dad coming
Young Sam wants to know
He sells stuff
Young Dean replied
That’s why he’s always on the go

We always move because people get sick of your face
Yet Young Dean doesn’t have the heart to tell his brother
The supernatural
John Winchester will chase

Back to the present
The Winchesters think
The Christmas village Santa is the supernatural creature
He smells like candy and gives children a creepy wink

The Anti Claus theory
Turns out to be wrong
Back to the lore
The case comes along

A wreath made of meadow sweet
An elderly couple
Are actually pagan Gods
The Winchesters meet

The pagan Gods capture
Sam and Dean this day
A hunter sacrifice
Is on the way

But with evergreen stakes
The Winchesters have a way
To kill the pagan Gods
And save the day

Again Sam remembers a time
When Young Dean tried hard to give his younger brother
A great Christmas day
Present Sam decides to reciprocate giving Dean
A Christmas with memories to stay