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Supernatural episode Fresh Blood in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Bela Talbot
Was walking to her car
Late one night
When she was faced with a menacing sight

Gordon Walker
Using tracing skills
To hunt the Winchesters
For Sam he wanted to kill

Tell me where they are
To Bela is what Gordon said
If you don’t he threatened
You will be dead

Bela is always clever
To hide her fear
A quality for Gordon
That didn’t endear

Give me the mojo bag
Bela did say
For a priceless object
The Winchesters she would betray

Meanwhile Sam and Dean
Are on a vampire’s trail
The skilled hunters
Determined to prevail

Dean is willing
To use himself as bait
To catch the vampire
A plan so great

The plan works
The girl plead
She’s not a monster
Uncertain what the Winchesters said

In a club called Spider
By Dixon she was drugged with vampire blood
Hearing faint heartbeats and intense hunger
Like an uncontrollable flood

Following clues
Dixon the Winchesters do find
But the brothers are caught by Gordon
Who has murder on his mind

Sam and Dean escape
But Fate seems angry with Gordon a tragic message it does convey
For the hunter is captured by Dixon
And turned to a vampire this day

Alas Gordon’s days come to an end
As Fate has said
A deadly fight with Sam Winchester
Where the hunter turned vampire loses his head.